What We Do

As one of the leading European manufacturers of socks, we’ve been incorporating innovations and sock technologies into everything we make from our Prevent Sprain Technology to our casual socks that incorporate “Pureco” an antibacterial treatment, “Pureco” is eco friendly that complies with Oko-tex and Reach guidelines.

Pureco works by controlling the growth of odour causing micro-organisms
that arise from normal use.

Our researchers push the boundaries of knowledge and create discoveries and innovations that improve our lives and the world, and help shape our future.

Carlos Maia, from CM Socks, on the right, accompanied by the Cuban Foreign Trade Minister


Quality is at the core of  CM Socks manufacturing. In addition to a comprehensive Quality Assurance program, CM Socks’ employees follow strict Quality Control Measures in every aspect of the production process. You can be assured of the manufacture of high-quality, regulation-compliant and of the European manufacturing measures in place. As buyers became more sophisticated, they wanted to see more accountability and quality checks throughout their supply chain. This is particularly true in Europe. Europe is home to The International Standards Organization or ISO, located in Geneva, Switzerland. They created a system of industrial and commercial standards and provided specifications for products, services, and systems. These standards in turn promoted quality, safety, and efficiency. Many European countries, where industrialization is flourishing, have embraced this system. In time, buyers came to expect certification as a part of doing business and that is why we comply with some of the most stringent certifications.

Finished Product Testing

Finished product testing is carried out by our own technical staff and certified third-party laboratories if required by the client. To comply with International regulations, our products meet the all the testing requirements.