Team work for the community

We work with various Colleges and Universities across Canada,  United States and Europe by providing athletic teams with our Prevent Sprain Socks.

Our Role
in the Team

We invest substantial number of dollars each year developing new and improved products to benefit not only elite athletes, but also amateurs and those who enjoy wearing comfortable sports apparel on a day-to-day basis. We also invest significant sums in supporting talented young athletes in communities in Europe and North America – youngsters with the promise of becoming the sporting heroes of the future. We will continue in researching and developing ever more effective and affordable equipment for the athletes of today and tomorrow.

Athetic Events Worldwide with Prevent Sprain socks

Our Association with Sporting Teams

What’s true in professional sports can be true in community teams as well. By providing the best products we help them succeed. Our objective with our proven technology is injury prevention in all professional and community sports.